Why School Time Clock

Why your school should use timeclock software?

Most people think that time clock software is only for private enterprise and for profit organizations. The reality is just about any organization can use time clock software to better manage their projects and personnel. With the current changes to education driven by Covid we have build a site dedicated to the needs of education professionals to better manage teachers, students and academic support personnel.

Schools and other educational facilities could benefit from time clock software in multiple ways.

First, the software helps better manage and track all workers activities from maintenance and custodial, food workers to school bus drivers (among others such as administrative personnel and all hourly employees payroll). This allows for accurate tracking of hours worked and more efficient payroll processing.

Second, with our platform you can track student hours in the classroom, keeping track of attendance an training / certification hours for trades. Teachers can see which students are missing class and better understand what materials they are missing.

School Time Clock software is flexible and provides the most efficient way to manage both educators and students, providing administrators with the data they need to ensure better success for all parties.

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