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The major points of our School Time Clock are answered in one page. See what makes School Time Clock the industry leader.

1. Sign up new school account

2. Sign in with school name

3. Admin or employee login

4. Clock in and out

5. Reset password if forget

6. Edit note in login page

7. Can't clock in when restricted

8. Permit location from login page

9. View users in [Setting] -> [Users]

10. Add or edit a user

11. Print barcode and QR code

12. Import users from .csv file

13. Change company setting

14. Add department and assign it

15. Assign department to manager

16. View paid time off codes

17. Edit paid time off code

18. Paid time off auto accruals

19. Set paid time off accrual rules

20. View job codes

21. Add or edit job code

22. View shifts

23. Add or edit shift

24. View permitted locations

25. Add permitted location

26. Find GPS zone in Google Map

27. Change username, password

28. Request time entry and pto

29. Approve time entry and pto

30. Time entry and pto in list view

31. Filter entries with job and pto

32. Add working time entry

33. Add paid time off

34. Time entry and pto in day view

35. Edit a single time entry

36. Where employee clocked in

37. View clocked in photos

38. View entries in Google Map

39. See who's clocked in or out

40. View incoming messages

41. View outgoing messages

42. Compose message to send

43. Shift schedules in list view

44. Schedules in calendar view

45. Add shift schedule

46. Verify to proof correctness

47. Run reports to save and print

48. Clock in from smart phone

49. Smart phone manage entries

50. QR code and barcode Clock in

51. Phone call support, 24 hours a day.

More screen shots coming soon!

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